Rikza Designlab means graphic designs, logo design and website design experts.

Rikza Designlab means graphic designs, logo design and website design experts.

Welcome to Rikza Designlab

We are an eminent marketing communication service provider based in Akola, Pune & Nagpur Maharashtra.

Our passionate team creates engaging and effective content through Graphic Design,Video Production and Web Design & Development.

Digital marketing strategy then comes into the picture driving high traffic to your business.


Firstly, let’s meet up. Have a discussion to understand your product or services. And once you tell us what you want, we will assist you in achieving it.

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Bringing ideas to life is what we do best. Once we’ve discussed and set a strategy, the creative team starts thinking and initiates the journey of your idea.

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We’re bunch of witty and talented people with our hearts on our sleeves. Whatever you have in mind – we will help you converge everything into ideas that work.

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Services Offered

Graphics & Print Design

Rikza Designlab offers complete graphic design services to promote your company or brand.

Logo & Identity Design

It is not just about designing a pretty symbol. It’s about expressing the soul of your brand using visual language &emotions

Website Design

Premier web design services with quality & cost effectiveness. We design websites that evolve with your needs.

Video Editing & Animation

Watch your brand in motion. We can show you the future reality. Watch it along with us through lens.


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Blogs & Updates

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Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd?

Services Offered by Rikza

Rikza DesignLab provide result- driven services for brands. 360° graphic design solutions with an unique blend of creativity & strategy with technology, digital presence & business innovation.

Logo & Identity Design

For us brand identity is not just about designing a pretty symbol or better looking stationary, It’s about expressing the soul of your brand using visual language and emotions. FEATURES :

  • Design Concepts (pattern) Upto 8
  • Get Social media Kit
  • Get High Resolution Designs
  • Get Vector File
  • Logo Transparency
  • Get Source Files

About Rikza Designlab

We at Rikza DesignLab are here to serve as your design partners providing solutions for all your branding needs; from creating your logo to designing your product, from developing your website to strategically advertising your brand. Rikza DesignLab was founded in 2019 with a vision of offering complete branding solutions which have a synergy of function, strategy, emotion and aesthetics. For over a year our team of designers, creators, developers, writers, and strategists has helped start-ups craft honest, emotional experiences through strategy, brand development, graphic design, web design and storytelling. We Ideate ・ We Create ・ We Innovate It is our belief that a brand image is not simply a trademark, a logo, a slogan or an easily remembered picture. It is a studiously crafted personality profile of an individual, institution, corporation, product or service. Great design is an elegant expression of powerful ideas. Done well, it can stir emotions, reveal the soul of a brand and transform business. Creating awesome design experiences for you! We work on the strong foundation of trust and expert knowledge and when both of them are combined, you can certainly expect some fantastic results. For, we don’t treat out work just like any other work but treat it something which will create an uproar on the designing canvas. It is not just about working with the tools, but going a step ahead and adding that personal designer’s touch to make unique work. We are a young, vibrant and a restless lot who will settle nothing but for the best! So let’s get talking!!

To have customer first policy & deliver on-time results. 

We want make Rikza only creative graphic design option in market.

Follow the global standards in designing technology.

Have a professional approach to all our projects.

Thoroughly understanding the client needs & getting to the root of the requirements.

Continuously equip our team with the latest design practices.      

Focus on latest trends & innovations in graphic design.

 Provide the best services with the latest technical excellence.

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